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Hand and Stone has developed services that deliver a
soothing, rejuvenating experience time after time.
Relaxation Massage -
A flexible combination of techniques that allows for individualized attention to customers' specific needs in a massage created to relax, soothe, and recharge. (50 to 80 minute sessions)
Hot Stone Massage -
Our signature - and ultimate - massage experience; uses hand techniques and the therapeutic benefits of smooth, heated river stones for a very thorough and deeply relaxing massage. (50 to 80 minute sessions)
Hot Towel Exfoliation Foot Massage -
A stimulating foot exfoliation and massage that incorporates the use of soothing hot towels, a foot exfoliation scrub and a hydrating foot cream. An awesome foot treatment that can be added to any massage. (10- minute service)
Hot Towel/Cold Stone Face Massage -
Hot towels stimulate circulation, soothing cold stones reduce inflammation, and aroma-therapeutic: lavender de-stresses. The best of three worlds in a 25-minute massage.
Hand and Stone Massage Spa...
a Refuge from Life's Stresses
Entering Hand and Stone Massage Spa
Tasteful front signage greets visitor in our signature colors of blue, black and white, with the Hand and Stone name tastefully back lit. Our reception area seats two receptionist and contains two computer workstations and server. Each station is equipped with user friendly state of the art scheduling software and management tools that coordinate every aspect of the day-to-day business.
The waiting area displays a beautiful, relaxing stone water wall and comfortable, contemporary furnishings. Customers are free to browse from our selection of top quality, spa-related items for sale. While most massages are pre-scheduled, same day and walk-ins are often accommodated.
The Spa Area
The spa area of Hand and Stone welcomes clients into a quiet, nurturing, and relaxing sanctuary. Subdued lighting, soft music, and soothing background sounds create a blissful atmosphere in which the cares of the outside world melt away.
Massage rooms at Hand and Stone Franchise are attractive, spacious and equipped with the finest massage tables and accessories.
Two people can enjoy massages together in our spacious couples room designed to accommodate two tables... A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together, this room is ideally suited for special occasions, such as anniversaries birthdays and Valentine's Day.
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