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An Energized Market
The word is out - massage is in! According to the American Massage Therapy Association, the number of Massage Therapists in the United States has nearly doubled in the past 10 years. The "massage explosion" is being partially attributed to the growing population of "tired, aging and not quite as limber as they once were, baby boomers."1 Further, the market strength among younger adults bodes well for Massage Therapists as these Americans age.2 And, added to this, there is an increased awareness of the effects of stress and the physiological benefits of massage.3
It seems clear that massage is much more than a passing fancy; its therapeutic benefits indicate it is here to stay.
The Demand for Massage is
Absolutely Enormous!
  • Consumers receive more than 100 million massages each year 1
  • Consumers spend approximately $6 billion a year on massage therapy 1
  • Confidence in massage therapy is so high that nearly three quarters of those surveyed indicate they would recommend massage to someone they know. 2
  • Two million more people received a massage this year than last year 2
  • Use of massage among those 65 an older has tripled since 1997. 2
    This ready market presents a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs - people like you - who can accommodate the increasing demand by consumers for the marvelous effects of massage!
    We invite you to explore this wonderful Franchise opportunity that Hand and Stone Massage Spa has to offer.
    1 - Teri Finneman "Massage Industry booms in northwest MN" The Forum of Fargo May 10, 2005 Business news; State and Regional
    2 - American Massage Therapy Assoc. 2005 consumer survey conducted August 11-14 2005
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